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~Follow Your Dreams~

Oh the places I have been and the places I will go! 

Traveling is such an inspiration and I am so lucky and blessed to have been granted so many opportunities in this life to see so many different places! Traveling has such a huge part of my heart and I hope that you can one day experience the joy of traveling to new places and finding new inspiration with every trip!


Places I've Been


Walt Disney World

Travel Polaroids

Collect Moments, Not Things



"Dreams Are A Wish Your Heart Makes"

Use dreams to keep you inspired and motivated to do your best and turn your dreams into reality!


Paris, France

One of my life long dreams is to visit Paris, France! I once had the opportunity to go but I let it pass by! This place will always stay in my heart and mind and one day. . . This dream will come true!

Ruined Ancient Architecture

Rome, Italy

As someone who has been to Greece and as someone who has studied history, this place definitely comes to mind as a must see for me! One of my international traveler bucket-list places!

Tropical Island

Bora Bora

An optimal honey moon destination. . . Maybe we should just see what the future holds ;)


Dalai Lama

~Once a year, go some place you've never been~