Psalm 121: 1-2

"I will lift up mine eyes upon the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and Earth"



Here I have listed devotionals that I have read or currently reading and wanted to share with you! Devotionals are great ways to find inspiration and better learn and study about the Bible by different topics or themes!


Pieces of Me: A Journey to Self-Discovery by Lara Hartman


For those that are rediscovering their faith and climbing out of the darkest parts of their minds. Find that beauty in yourself! Gods love can heal all the broken pieces from your past. Some questions asked in this devotional:

  • What does salvation mean to you?

  • What sins or past guilt are you struggling with sine being saved and what steps can you take to turn those struggles over to God in order to experience a real breakthrough?

No Love, No Victory

Provided by Believer's Victory Church believersvictory.com

"Love is the most important aspect of life of God." Without love, what do we have? If there isn't love, then there is nothing. Paul states that love is greater than faith - love matters above all! I am currently in the process of reading this devotional and highly recommend it! 
"I will be. generous with the right heart. I will not give to get; I will give so that others will get. The love in my heart matters, and I will let my actions come from a heart of love and not a place of selfishness"


Provided by iDisciple thekristencollection.com

A reading plan to inspire you to expand patience in your life! This is one of my saved plans and excited to read it and share with you! 
"We have found that even though circumstances are not always pleasant, God will use them to mold our character"

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Maybe you have a time in your life when God spoke to you and you know it meant something more. Maybe you found inspiration in a moment and you took charge of that moment and you were blessed! Maybe you have a favorite bible verse or a story you would like to share! Please share your stories and testimonials of how God has done great things in your life and how you keep motivating and inspiring others!

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