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"The beginning is the most important part of the work"



What Am I Reading?

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austin

As a Creative Writing Graduate student, we are tasked with reading a classic and contemporary piece of writing and comparing these two and creating a project for a final Milestone. As someone who does not have an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing or English, I have found that my reading of the classic Romance novels are slim to none! Join me in reading this book and when I am finished, read my post regarding what I learned from this book that can help my writing. 

Also check out the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie! I have watched the movie several times and excited to finally read the book and compare with the movie! 



10 Minute Writing Journal

Finding 10 minutes everyday, every other day, or every week can help you in your writing and creating a routine! Sometimes this can result in a brief passage of something random that can spark inspiration for another piece of writing, or can result in just letting your mind wander and be a good stress relief! You can even pick a drabble topic and work at being as consice as possible at getting your point and message across! Regardless of what it is - make sure you take part in some form of writing exercise! 

Please enjoy a chosen feautured writing journal and select Drabble writings I have composed during my writing time! 



Staring off into the distance. Seeing something black. What does black signify? Black signifies death. The end of something. Or an endless void. Falling deep into a hole. A dark hole. Something that is scary. Black can represent fears as well. Falling into an endless void with no way out. There is no light to penetrate this void, there are no sounds, no smells. Just an empty black void. Of nothing. Black absorbs everything. Except thoughts. In the black, can represent at night. In the darkness. Where there are only thoughts. But black represents the negative, the bad. So, the darkness brings bad thoughts. These bad thoughts cloud your mind, your mood, and not a single good thought comes through. Because this good thought is perceived as a light, and where there is black, i.e., the darkness, there is no light. So just negative thoughts. On falling through a dark void. Is this dark void death? Is that a fear? Did the darkness create this eternal falling into a void that death would be like? Is that a fear? That there is no light – there is only darkness? Only seeing black so were you not saved? Or is there just nothing after this? What was the purpose of creating black? It takes away from all the colors. Or it is the absorption of all the colors. It takes all of them. Takes the happy pinks, the angry reds, the excited yellows, the sad blues, and the proud purples. It takes them all and strips them of their colors and makes them just black. Simply Black. Void of all thoughts and feelings except the looming fears and doubts of one’s life and of one’s existence. Just black. Black. Where there was once nothing. So maybe that was where black originated from. From the existence of nothing. Because before there was something, there had to be nothing right? But does that mean there was something before there was nothing? Or was it just black? The beginning of all existence. Or the end of all existence. Or is it both. We came from nothing and will return from nothing. A blackness that we came out of. Or just simply a void. Maybe not what we came out of, the Light of God is too strong for that darkness. But maybe black was THE void. The emptiness. The nothing when there was something before there was something to the nothing. But is black cold? No, it is nothing. Black is dark, but not cold or hot. Black is neither cool nor warm. Black is just black. Neutral? What consists of being neutral? The faded colors? When are they turning to nothing? Is that why they are called neutral? Because they aren’t bold, or vibrant, or any other category of color. They are neutral. Fading away. . . the black is slowly taking their color from them, slowly turning them into nothing. But wait. Black is something. So, then what is nothing?


A Drabble A Day Keeps The Writers Block Away!

Drabble #1

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Drabble #2

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Drabble #3

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Drabble #4

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