5 Steps On How To Help Yourself

Some people get lost in their every day tasks and every day life that they forget to take time out for themselves. You have a goal of wanting to be there for others, to help as many people as possible, protect your family, etc. Sometimes you get so caught up in doing that, you feel completely drained.

That's Okay - You are doing a great job! There was just one thing that you forgot about while doing all of that.


The next obvious question that arises, is how do you help yourself?

Being there for other people is amazing and that is something that you never want to stop doing. But you are only going to be able to do that as long as YOU are taken care of as well.

1. Breathe

If you are someone that constantly keeps moving, stopping for one minute to catch a breath could do wonders! This makes you stop and be calm for a moment, which can slow your brain from stressing over little things and get you re-focused on the task at hand. So remember to take a minute to breathe!

2. Relax

Maybe that moment of breathing helped for the moment, but it didn't take long for your mind to start freaking out again. The next question to ask yourself is, when was the last time you took time out to just relax?

Do you have a family? Do you have a significant other? Do you have friends? Do you have a pet? Or are you someone that just likes to keep to themselves?

Whatever the case is, take time to just relax. Grab your family, friends, or significant other and enjoy a day of sitting around the house playing games, reading, watching movies, getting out and hiking or driving around. Whatever it is that you like to do that doesn't revolve around work or stress related things, do it!

Just taking this time to yourself or with the people you love will take your mind off of the stress of life and allow your mind to breathe and relax! You will create memories or moments to look back on while you continue to grind and trust me! One day of relaxation isn't going to stop your dreams or goals from happening. They will still be there tomorrow - so take the day for you and whatever comes to your heart and mind to enjoy!

3. Read a book

Theres just something special about picking up a book and taking the time to pause the world that you are in while you transport to the world within those pages.

Maybe you aren't a huge fiction reader and that is okay! There is nothing wrong with picking up a self-help book, or a book thats meant to teach you something new! There are plenty of book options that you can choose from. If you want to pick a fantasy book and travel to that world for a couple of chapters, or pick a book that will enhance your mind in something you are interested in. It doesn't matter!

Take the time to find something to read. It can help relax you and take your mind off of the stress that surrounds you. It is moments of peace and quiet, even if it is just a couple of pages.

4. Journal

Something that can help protect your mental health is journaling every day. It allows for a space and time for you to write down all the thoughts and feelings you have, and get them out and onto the paper. This also allows you to get some perspective on things you have going on in your head and space away from it. You can choose to go back and read it and later reflect on it. Have you grown since then? Is this still something that is a concern for you? Or has it been resolved? Or was it not even a big deal to begin with? If you aren't someone that likes to write about your thoughts or feelings, just take time to journal about your day. Or write about a thought that you had that day. Some can get more creative and choose to write a short story, a poem, or just simply some notes of thoughts that they have on something.

Maybe there is a conversation you heard that meant a lot to you, or something you read or saw that day that you don't want to forget. Or maybe there was this emotion that kept you down all day and you don't feel comfortable quite yet sharing it with someone.

Write it down! Keep yourself a You Journal where you have a space to write about any and everything. This can help you and your mind stay strong!

5. Self-Care

What did you eat for breakfast? When was the last time you got your hair cut? When was the last time you didn't rush your shower or bath? When was the last time that you took a nap? Or even got a full nights rest?

These are basic self care neccessities. Do you eat healthy meals or are just eating junk all day? Do you eat several times a day or are you only finding time to eat just once? When was the last time that you took the time to get your hair trimmed, cut, colored, or whatever? When was the last time you took the time to take care of your appearance? Do you get a full night of sleep? Do you toss and turn at night? Do you go to bed too late and have to get up too early?

Just getting proper nutrition and sleep can do wonders for your mental health stability. Taking a little extra time in the shower to let your thoughts wash down the drain with the water can be a huge step in helping yourself stay strong throughout the day. Actually pausing a moment and going to get your hair shaped up, trimmed, cut, styled, or completely changed can do wonders to your self-confidence which in turn helps you be a better you!

Theres only five things listed here, and in a way some of them can be related to another bullet, or could even be combined into one big idea.

But the important thing? You need to remember that you matter too.

You could be the most selfless person in the world who only wants to do good for others, because you are just that precious of a person. And that is AMAZING!

But dear one, please remember to look after yourself. If you don't protect your own mental health, you won't be able to effectively help all those people out there that you're trying to help.

Maybe you aren't someone out to help every person you meet, but you are someone who looks after your family and friends and would give the shirt off your back to those people. You need to take care of yourself too!

Everyone hears and knows about those tired moms and dads who get so brought down by life that they can no longer be there for their spouse and children.

Everyone hears and knows about some of those popular celebrities or people in the world who were all about making a difference but you noticed a pause in their life or you haven't heard about them in a while.

Everyone hears and knows about those athletes in the world who work and push so hard to make a difference and use their position as a platform for others, who get worn out and have to take a moment to stop, pause, and re-evaluate themselves.

Let me tell you. There is nothing selfish about doing this. Because you taking the time to work on you and check your mental health and check and make sure that you are good? Will allow that much more time and attention doing what you do best - which is being there for your family, friends, loved ones, strangers, or whatever/whoever it is you are trying to help!

You Matter.

So never forget to take care of yourself so you can keep being there for others, too! :)

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