And It Begins. . .

Have you ever spent days, weeks, or even months dreaming of starting a blog? Have you thought of things you would want to post in it, say to the community, or how you would want it to look? What about even doing research on how to make one but then left that tab open as you went about your day and never really acted on it?

Well hello! My name is Stephanie and if all of those questions were a yes for you, then you already have a lot in common with me! (Even if none of that was true, I still welcome you and we can find more things in common later! LOL) This was me for MONTHS! I have always enjoyed writing and thought constantly of making a blog, even if it was just a personal blog where I could go and let my mind wander and whatever was on it that day is what I wrote about. No thoughts to becoming world wide blog famous, but just something casual to start and see where it led. So here we are! It is crazy to think I have just published my very first blog, but hey! You can do it too! It wasn't that hard, but I fully support you doing months of research on the how-to's if it makes you feel better. No shame in that game!

Creatively Inspired is made to do just that. Creatively Inspire.

Who is it inspiring, you ask? Well that can be myself, you, your best friend, that stranger sitting behind you, the grandparents sitting on their porch finding a random link that redirected them here. . . Literally any and everyone!

But really. . . I am using this to keep myself motivated and give myself a creative outlet to keep my passion of writing alive. I am a busy-body single mom who works full time. I am also attending school full time to obtain a Master's Degree. So life gets hectic and stressful sometimes. What better way to cope than with a blog that takes my mind off of the everyday life, and lets me connect to others about these struggles and maybe even come up with a way to get through them, just by blogging about it?

I plan to write about myself, what I have done in this life, the struggles I have encountered, the passions I have, the places I have traveled, and about my writing that I hope to turn into a form of career! All of these topics will start off as explanations, descriptions, or introductions and then turn into motivating pieces for myself as well you, my readers, to keep everyone moving, growing, and living! I hope to incorporate articles I have read to help enlighten each other with beneficial information, quotes from great motivators to keep the light shining, bible verses to keep God involved in all things that I do, as well as my own personal touch to include my personality and writing style in the posts!

This is beyond exciting to start and I hope that you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing and editing them! I pray that this path is beneficial for me in life and I hope that I can reach others out there that may have the same thoughts or feelings behind topics and I can be that one person that gives the encouragement or determination to get something done! If anything, I hope to make everyone smile and provide a little bit of special in this crazy world we live in!

If this first post just melts your heart or even if I have a lot to learn (which, hey, don't we all?) - Go ahead and put your information in to subscribe or even contact me and we can move forward together in this journey of blogging and living!

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