Inspiration For When You're Feeling Lost

Has there been a time in your life when you didn't have the motivation to get out of bed?

Has there been a time in your life when you couldn't bring yourself to get changed into clean clothes or brush your hair?

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and wanted to cry because of the image that looked back at you?

That tired soul, with bags under your eyes, hair a mess, clothes dirty and wrinkled, creases between the brows,, a downward pull on the lips, and a look in the eyes that seems blank. . .sad. . . and lost.

I want you to know that I am proud of you. There is no telling the demons that hide behind those tired eyes. When you look at yourself, I want you to look past what you haven't been able to do to make yourself look like a presentable human to the world. Because screw them.

You are tired. There are wars going on in your mind that no one knows about and there are times that you feel alone, scared, and unsure of what to do.

And that is OK.

Are you any of these? A wife, husband, college student, single parent, or an everyday Joe or Suzy?

Maybe you are a mother that feels as though she is not doing enough for her family and you feel like you are a disappointment. You see your house a mess no matter how many times you cleaned it, children running around screaming at each other no matter how many times you scold them, your husband calling from the living room because he's trying to finish a work call and the kids are too loud, and you feel frozen. The dryer is broken, there is a leak in the kitchen, and you already took all the money from your vacation trip and now having to take away from Christmas savings. Standing there, you begin to cry and feel lost.

Maybe you are a husband that feels exhausted and when you get home after hard and long work days, you stand in the bathroom trying to stay strong but you don't know how to be there in that current moment because you've reached a limit and you don't know how to be that man that they need right now. You hear them laughing and playing in the other room, your wife singing and cooking in the kitchen. But you feel exhausted and upset because you can't match their loving energy right at that moment. You stare at yourself in the mirror, wondering how to be everything, and you just close your eyes, lost.

Maybe you are a college student trying to make it in this harsh world, working a full-time job and your friends are mad because you never hang out with them but you don't have the energy to do so. Your schoolwork is falling behind, your family raises their eyebrows at you when you're at home and seeming distant, and your boss is threatening your job if you call out again so you can make time for your failing grades or for your relationship. You have deadlines to meet, papers to write, events to attend, but its overwhelming and you just put your head in your hands, lost.

Maybe you are a single parent that just quit their job and are sitting there holding your young one, letting them play in your lap while you feel your eyes gloss over because you are unsure of the next steps you are going to take. You feel like a failure because you devoted all your time to your job and missed most of their infant years and never get to see your child, but now you feel like a failure not working because your savings is now empty and you don't know how to pay your next bill and none of the jobs you've applied to have called back. A single tear falls from your eye as you hold your little one, feeling lost.

Maybe you are a young adult that has a past and are trying to make something of yourself. Maybe you have childhood traumas or a victim of abuse. You struggle every single day to remember to fight through the pain and to push for a better future. Sometimes you get overwhelmed and forget about living in the present because you don't want your future to be anything like your past. You struggle to keep the world out of your mind and try to keep the peace within yourself but you feel exhausted. You find yourself feeling lonely in the peace you have made for yourself and now you lay down, feeling lost.

Maybe you are a newly wed and you and your spouse just had your first big fight. In hindsight it was a tiny, insignificant thing that started the argument but both of you are stressed as you just moved into your tiny one bedroom apartment, have new jobs and behind on all the bills, and you are making noodles for dinner again for the fourth time in a row. They stormed out of the house and now you are feeling defeated and empty, wondering how you both let the stresses of life come and pull apart the love you have for the one person that is on your side. You haven't had a hard life, but this moment feels huge to you and you feel drained from all the changes that have happened and you look at the door, silently begging for them to just come right back and into your arms. You just slowly sit down, feeling lost.

No matter what is going on in your life, just take one moment.

. . .


Now keep going. I know this is hard. Some people have built up demons, and some have never experienced true demons in life. But that doesn't mean that yours are any less. Because what you are dealing with, it matters.

Yes, there are people that will say that regardless, it doesn't matter. Because there are people who are homeless, people who are struggling with terminal illnesses, people who have no food, water, shelter, or clothes.

And while that is a true statement, in these moments, you are not able to help those other people who are less fortunate without first helping yourself. So don't pay those comments too much attention. The demons you have inside of your mind are real to you, so recognize them. Acknowledge how you are feeling.

Let yourself feel these emotions. But don't let them control you. You got this. You will one day wake up, and these demons will feel small and insignificant. Why? Because you conquered them one day at a time. And they prepared you for the next demon that tried to come at you but was never able to bring you down.

Maybe your life has been super hard and it has felt like every single thing in the world has been against you. Or maybe your life has been an easy stroll in the park and you've just come across the first demon trying to tear you down.

Regardless, don't let the world tell you how to feel and to just get over it. Don't let others who have gone through worse or less try to tell you how you feel or how you shouldn't feel. Your thoughts and your emotions matter. Feel them. Acknowledge them. And then conquer them.

You can do this. I have faith in you. Remember that you are an amazing human being and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how deep or long that tunnel is. Keep pushing, one small step at a time.

Find that one inspiration.

Is it a special person? Even if they don't fully understand what you are going through, start with getting a hug and just feeling the warmth of their embrace around you. Focus on the peace that comes with it.

Is it a hobby you have or something you like doing? Go and work out, hit the field, pull out the paint, pull out the dance shoes, turn up the music, pull out that pen and paper, pull out that book, turn on that tv. Whatever it is that helps distract your mind, do it. For however long it takes. Focus on the peace that comes with it.

And then take it one day at a time. Don't get so lost in the wrongs that are going on in your life. Don't get so lost in trying to perfect your future that you forget to treasure the moments of today.

Remember to smile. Look at yourself in that mirror, tired eyes and all. And try to smile. Because you are amazing and there is nothing that is going to stop you from being an inspiration to others in this life. One day, one month, one year, or one half of your life - it doesn't matter. However long the demons had control, you can still rise up and win. There is still a chance, and I believe in you.

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