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Are you someone who struggles with mental health? Are you someone who has sometimes thought of getting on medicine to control anxiety, stress, and/or depression? Or are you someone that just has problems getting through the day and finding the motivation to fight through your mental demons?

One of the biggest headlines out there in the news right now is Mental Health. A lot of this focused on our USA Gymnast, Simone Biles. If you’re not into news articles or watching broadcasts, I encourage you to check out her Instagram and Twitter pages where she responds to back lash on the opinion of her “quitting”, showing videos of her struggling in HER sport that she has done for years, as well as just comments and updates on her status and why she is choosing to protect herself and how mental health, if ignored, can hurt you physically.

Simone Biles is an inspiration to not just athletes, or females in this world, but to young adults and parents, and everyday people who struggle with mental health issues and find it hard to get past it. An inspiration to those who hold off on going to events, or spending time with friends, or even to struggle to get out of bed for work simply because they are mentally exhausted and can’t find a way to continue.

This is for you. You are not a quitter. And never let anyone make you think otherwise!

As someone who gets lost in my head and my thoughts a lot and has had things happen in my past to make me nervous around certain people or situations, question the motives of some people, or even having trust issues – I can understand where you are coming from. As I have grown and accepted certain situations, prayed and found self-love, and continuing to have support and light in this world that guides me into being the best version of myself that I can be, there are still moments where I get lost in the darkness and the demons win.

Don’t let them win!

You may be still lost, uncertain of what to do or where to go. Your mind may still be freshly wounded and you are beginning the downward slope into the depression and anxiety that results from mental breakage. Or you’re someone that has been hurt in numerous ways in the past, that your defenses are constantly up, and you are constantly questioning those around you and never feel safe. So, you hide away from everyone and keep to yourself, and re-visit those traumatic events in your mind, asking questions you don’t have the answers to and getting lost in why that happened to you.

Mental health issues and instability can occur from a lot of different things. The main ones are: physical abuse, be this someone physically beating on you in an abusive relationship (family, lover, or friend), or someone raping you (family member, friend, stranger, even a love that you have said no to and they took advantage). Or maybe it was a heartbreak: someone cheated on you, or mentally abused you and then left you, or a beautiful relationship turned south and left you broken and alone, or someone close to you died and you are struggling to cope and continue. Or maybe it was an injury that took you away from your quality of life: a sport injury and you can no longer play, injured in battle and no longer able to serve, injured on the job and no longer able to work, or injured doing something fun with family or friends that has stopped you from being able to continue living your life you once had. Or maybe it was something you saw that has scarred your mind: you watched someone get shot or killed, or you watched someone die in a different way, or anything else.

All these things can cause the mind to shut down. And yeah, maybe you weren’t raped, or watched someone die in your arms, or get injured to the point of being disabled – but that doesn’t make your mental health issues anything less than those that experienced the true horrors in life. Everyone goes through things in life that changes them and can make them hurt to the point it effects their mind. Usually those that experience the extreme horrors in life must seek medical care to overcome these obstacles, and we should support them, be there for them, and lift them up in love and motivation to help them through this life.

But what about those that haven’t experienced something so severe, but still struggle to get through events that have changed them and brought their mind down and unable to get past it to continue living their life how they know they should?

I would still encourage you to seek medical help if it is causing you to lose sleep, not go into work, causing yourself physical harm, or miss out on opportunities to help you.

But I also encourage you to read this motivation:

You. Are. Amazing. You. Are. Enough. Your mind is just as beautiful as everyone else’s, even if it struggles to get through the smallest of life’s issues. This world can be hard sometimes. You may have experienced or are experiencing things that make you uncomfortable and affected you mentally that you never should have been through. And if those people had loved you the right way? It never would have happened.

So never think that you are not good enough to receive good or love in this world. Because you are. True love would never hurt or harm you in a way that destroys your mental health or harms you physically. The world may seem dark and twisty right now, but there are people out there that are meant to bring the light back inside your life. To show you that there are still good people in this world, and not everyone is going to hurt you.

Take one day at a time. Take one task at a time. Sometimes it is hard to even get out bed every day to take care of yourself, your home, or your family. So do not start off with accomplishing everything you can. Focus on getting out of that bed and taking a shower. Putting on fresh clothes. And making up your bed. You’ve already accomplished so much in that little bit of time! Fight the urge to crawl back into bed. Fight the urge to hide away from the world. Enjoy the comfort of your home. If you can, find another small task to complete, like putting laundry in the wash, or tidying up the living room or kitchen. If that is too much, find a book to read or put on one of your favorite movies or shows. Take the time to say, “It’s okay. I am okay. I can do this. I will get through this.”

I encourage you, to also pray. I was once someone who got lost in life, due to something that turned my world upside down and thinking on things that happened to me when I was younger that scarred me and continues to be a source of confusion. Sometimes the darkness won and closed my mind and heart off to everything and I was gone. Who I was, no longer existed and I was just living in this life with no purpose, no hope, and a lot of fear and sadness.

Events happened that seemed to make the situations that much worse, but sometimes these events are to help you gain perspective and to bring you back from the dark.

I encourage you to pray. I got so far away from God, and so lost in my mind. But somehow, He still was there, and I gained a step in the right direction. It won’t happen overnight, but you’ll begin to slowly come out of the darkness and begin to feel yourself again. Praying is the first thing that you can do. Let God into your heart and your mind. Completely open to Him. Ask him for forgiveness of your sins and ask for guidance and strength on how to get past this. And most importantly, thank Him for being there. For everything that you do have in this life and to still be alive. You were made for a purpose, so pray and let Him guide you to the purpose that you’re meant for.

Find inspiration in bible verses, devotions, and sermons. There are plenty of devotions and sermons out there focused on the weary. Focused on the ones that are struggling to re-find the hope, love, and peace from God. I recommend going to my webpage and going to the bible section where I have a couple of devotions saved – read these as beginning steps!

I have faith in you! You can get through this! And even if you are not ready to take those next steps in letting God into your life – know that you are still a beautiful and strong individual meant for so much in this life!

Even Simone Biles, the greatest of all time, fell to the effects of mental health and had her 2020 Olympics halted because of mental issues that caused her uncertainty and confusion. Blocked her mentally from physically being able to compete safely. But she persevered and finished with a Bronze in the last event of the gymnastics! She took the time for self-care and self-love, and that is something that you and I can do too!

Stay strong, stay motivated, and find your inspiration to keep moving! You are going to be okay. I know that it is hard, and sometimes the simplest tasks seem trivial, but you can do this. I believe in you!

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