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Do you dread going to work every day? Do you enjoy some of the people you work with, but you seem to be drained going in everyday and feel even worse when you’re leaving? Are you around a lot of people with negative mindsets and you can’t avoid them because of the type of job it is or the position you are in? Have you ever dreamed of working somewhere else but have bills to pay and need stability to make it in this life? Y’all. . . That is all ME to a tee.

Or at least it WAS me. Before I made the needed changes necessary in my life for my own personal growth and happiness.

I had started my last job about four and a half years ago. It started off as a job I had while working on my undergraduate degree and needed some more money to make my monthly bills and to afford things that I wanted to do or to have. This was a second job for me, but after taking a full course load, partaking in a dance team two days a week, working two jobs, and trying to keep a healthy relationship intact. . . Something had to go. So, I dropped this first job, and kept this one while trying to balance everything else.

It was all golden there for a little while. . . Met some amazing people who turned into great friends at work, got noticed for my performance and mentions of promotion, and had great grades.

Then life hit the fan. . . Literally. I had a lot of personal things that rocked my world, and literally had it come crashing down and I felt like I lost it all. (DON’T WORRY! Stay tuned for future posts and you will read ALL about this!)

With some major life changes under way and complete loss and change of character, the only thing that stayed constant and seemed to be moving in the better direction was this job. I began working harder to make my first promotion and from there on out, I only moved up in the ladder.

Year after year, I traveled to different store locations, worked under numerous General Managers, took classes to learn more information about the business, and worked to earn my next promotion.

After four years, I finally made it from the crew position, to being handed my own store for a couple of months while the General Manager was out for health reasons. This was my chance, right?

Along the way, I had lost a lot of myself. Granted a lot of it was because of personal issues going on, but I soon realized that it was also the environments I was in. I tended to “fall in with the crowd” – have bad attitudes about ridiculous things customers did. Picked up a pretty foul mouth and always had a cuss word coming out of it. There was always this negative cloud hanging over me in regard to working and being at the job.

Don’t get me wrong. . . There were a lot of things about it that I did enjoy and at times, that eagerness and excitement would come back out. Like when I got to oversee hiring and training the new recruits, developing and training the future leaders, and then the office paperwork and organization and the scheduling was something I could do in my sleep and was something I always enjoyed doing.

But the hours, the drives, the negative energy, and the drag of the job began to take its toll. Fast forward to the Interim General Manager position when there were a lot of unforeseen circumstances happen that had all the plans change at once, on top of my already dragging enthusiasm?

I decided I had had enough of it. I had thought about leaving for a while, but the General Manager was now back and acclimated back into the store, so now it was time to go. Something was off with me, and my mind and I needed to go.

But all the other jobs were paying less, required certain qualifications, and were hard to get into. My spirits were crushed for a while because I was trying to match my current pay to keep up the lifestyle I was living and to better prepare for new steps in affording different things.

Until one day I received a call from a job I had applied to months prior, and they met me and had already decided that I had the job!

The problem...? Training was going to take 6 to 8 weeks and the pay and hours were going to be inconsistent during that time frame. At the same time, it was unclear which location I would be working out of, when my office hours would be, the exact tasks I would be doing, and if I was going to be able to make all of it happen.

I decided to pray about it. I had been welcoming God back into my life and coming back to Him. I had left the thought of religion a long time ago, but God put a light back into my life that shown brighter than anything had in a long while. So, I prayed about it.

It was a risk. There were a lot of doubts and questions and fears about it. And of course, I overthink everything, so there was a lot piling up on not taking this opportunity. But something told me to take the job. After praying and talking it over with those close to me, I put my notice in and started at the next job.


Let me tell you. That was the BEST thing that I have ever done! Or one of the best things I have ever done! Choosing my happiness and mental well-being over everything else has shown so much to me.

That job had turned toxic to me and in turn, I was becoming toxic as well. I realized that I was a big negative energy sometimes as I was constantly around it and I was completely unaware of the effects it had on me because I had become so acclimated to it – I didn’t even know!

I am now working on average 10-15 hours less a week with barely any difference in pay. My work schedule is now more consistent, and I am no longer getting up at 3am or getting home after 11pm. I can build a better schedule for myself, my toddler, and manage more things outside of work. Like starting Graduate School, starting a blogging website, upping my social media platforms, finding a new dance team, and having more energy to play with my toddler and get things accomplished! Like cleaning the house, doing laundry, or even just staying awake!

I was always so tired from getting off work at my old job, I never had energy to do anything. So, my life was literally just work, sleep, eat, and repeat. I had begun to feel like a failure at everything. I was always upset about something, never felt like being around anyone, never had the energy to do laundry or keep the rooms even somewhat decent, and never had the energy to want to do anything with my toddler. I was always irritable, low-patience, and feeling like life was passing me by and what did I have to show for it?

Praying. Was. My. Saving. Grace.


God has shown me such much since then, and praying for guidance, understanding, wisdom, peace. . . Praying and thanking God for everything I had accomplished in life so far. Praying for the correct path to be shown to me to follow. Letting all my worries, doubts, and fears go and letting God!

This job has been such a blessing and I cannot believe it took me so long to leave my other job! So many great things are happening, and I cannot thank God enough for all the wonderful blessings.

Don’t get me wrong. . . It isn’t all perfect, but I feel like there is such a huge improvement and I can only grow from here!

I hope this inspires you to step out of your comfort zone, face the fear of uncertainty, and fight for your happiness and peace in this world. As a female, you deserve it! As a mom, you deserve it! As a college student trying to figure life out, you deserve it! As a man, you deserve it! As whatever it is in this life you are trying to be, wanting to be, or dreaming to be, YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!

Let Go and Let God! Pray to him! Thank him for what you DO have in this world, and ask for guidance, wisdom, and peace! Pray for His will to be done and let go of your fears and doubts.

Let God be your inspiration, your happiness, and your peace. Follow that Light in your life. Allow the blessings to happen. Help others while you can. Share your stories so others can be inspired to allow God into their hearts and minds and be over-joyed with the wonderful blessings this life has to offer!

We are put on this Earth to love and serve others, but we must not forget that our happiness, personal growth, and mental health matters too. Believing and giving your all to God, helping and loving others. . . And just letting go and letting God?

Best. Decision. Ever.

I hope this inspires you to be the best person you can be! I hope it inspires you to make the necessary changes in your life to put yourself where God needs you to be to better serve this world. Take those chances. Take the risks. Make the tough decisions. Pray to God. And Inspire on!

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