Never Stop! Never Give Up!

The world can be harsh sometimes. Always throwing the worst things at you, some you anticipated but others you never imagined ever happening. Having friends, family, and religion to fall back on for support and faith is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself!

For me - there were a couple of years where my faith grew almost non existent. I had some personal things happen to me, and my whole world turned upside down and I lost it all. Lost friends, my closest love, my team, my education, and soon lost what I perceived at the time as certain freedoms.

During that whole time, I pulled as far from God as possible because how in the world could he have let it all happen to begin with? My life was full of tumbling dominos!

Over time I learned to let go of things I needed time to heal, and over time I grew mentally back into the person that I knew I could be and should be. As this healing happened and I signed over the fact my life was going to be just like this forever - got inserted a light in my life that I never anticipated.

Just how the world can throw bumps in your path that can’t be anticipated, God can shed a light that you follow that is just as unanticipated! And Lord did that light help me in my path to growth! I realized a lot of things I allowed were not acceptable! I realized the standards I had for myself were not high enough! And over time, this light blossomed into one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever received! And has one of the bestest friends I could ever need in life - by my side and one of my biggest supporters.

Don’t get me wrong, I have family that is supportive but they don’t know everything and don’t always ‘get’ me. But God always finds a way! And him shining that light opened the door for so much for me and brought Christ back into my heart and my mind and granted me a life-long best friend as well.

Sometimes this world is harsh. But never give up! Keep moving, keep going, and keep trying! You never know…. In your darkest moments, God could grant a small light and that one moment can blossom into such beauty if you let it!

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