Precious Moments - Daily Prayer

Have you ever had those moments that seemed too good to be true? A moment during the day where you realized how perfect everything seemed? So perfect, that you wish you could just stop the world for a couple of hours to revel in that moment and let it last longer? Those moments are such great blessings from God. And as those moments come and go, we must remember to treasure them. Thank God for these wonderful moments! Some days get hard, and we get so lost in the worry, stress, and uncontrollable events that we let these sweet, perfect moments go by without the proper recognition of what they are. We spend so much time praying to God for blessings, happiness, peace, and GOOD to happen, that when they do? We sometimes let them pass us by and we never thank Him for the good as well.

As we go through this life, we need to remember to not only pray for help, strength, guidance, and wisdom – we must also pray and give thanks for what we do have. I had a perfect moment quite recently. . . It felt too good to be true. I even made the comment that it felt like a dream, and the only bad thing about it was having to wake up from it. Eventually the moment was going to come to an end, and seem like it happened so long ago. . .

But do not let your sadness, stress, and anxieties of this life take away from those moments. When they happen? Breathe them in. Store them as a core memory. Journal about it. Write it down! And revisit that moment again when you’re having a bad day. I thank God so much for His continued blessings, every single day. Even when I had a rough day, I thank Him. Because even when those bad days occur, I woke up, I was able to eat, my toddler has food and clothes, I have a job, and I have people that love me. And I have God.

All that is enough to get me through the bad.

Have you been having rough times lately? Stressed? Too busy to stop and enjoy the little moments? I advise for you to stop, pray, be thankful for what you have, and take a pause to remember that perfect moment. Let it fill you with warmth, hope, and happiness. Revisit that moment. And watch for the next one!

“Thank you, God, for everything you have done for me in my life. I thank you so much for the blessings that have been perfect these last couple days. Without You, they would not have been possible. I pray for those that are struggling Lord. Be it lack of money, lack of love, lack of hope, lack of whatever they are lacking. I pray that their minds and their hearts be open to You, and they allow You into their body and soul. I pray that Your blessings reach far and wide, and for those that are struggling. . .I pray they hold on. Their blessing is coming. We may not understand the process, but we will hopefully seek to understand the result, and be forever thankful to You for the amazing blessing You bestowed upon us. Thank you, Lord, for this amazing day and the opportunity to write and reach out to others. I pray that they receive my message as inspiration and motivation to keep moving, keep smiling, keep pushing, and to be their best selves, no matter what this world throws at them.

Thank You, Lord.


Happy Sunday Everyone!

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